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  1. I wanted to show the pictures of my baby shoes.
    shoes leftshoes right
    They took absolutely ages to make and were really quite difficult to sew
    together but they were worth it when they were finished. they
    look so cute, shame i dont have a baby to try them on!
    Im selling them for £15.00

  2. This weekend was 'The Stalls' craft fair in the crypt at Leeds town hall.
    The day went really well and i met a lot of really interesting people. The were a lot of people visiting the event even though the room Align Centrewas like a sauna all day and there was a lot of events going on upstairs. The fair was really well advertised by Natasha the organiser.
    The was a variety of stalls at the fair ranging from knitted items like bunting, tea cosies and cakes to jewellery made from clay dolly mixtures and oreos cookies and recycled clothes.
    I sold a good range of items,a badge, a card, a pair of the baby shoes and four felt bags. I had some really positive comments about my crafts and it was great talking to people about felt making.
    Im on holiday for the next two craft fairs but hopefully I will be at the November and December fairs with a lot more new felt bags and purses.
    the stalls