Jewellery felting workshop @ The Stalls - 16th Feb 2011

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Last night was our jewellery felting workshop.

I did the workshop on my own as there were only 2 people attending. I really enjoyed it as everyone was enthusiastic and got to grips with the different techniques quite quickly.

stalls workshop1 feb2011 

We started by making rolled felt sausages which can be turned into felt discs and used as beads, We didn get to finish the discs as they work best when they are left to dry then cut. Its a great suprise waiting to find out how they have turned out.

stalls workshop2 feb 2011

Then we made some giant felt balls by building up layers of different coloured fleec into a ball shape and rolling it until the ball is felted. This can then be cut in half and made into earings or a necklace. This also has to dry before being cut.

stalls workshop3 feb 2011

This is what my demo pieces looked like when finished.

stalls workshop4 feb 2011 

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