Huge Flower Canvas

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flower canvas 1

This is my new picture, It measures approx 1m x 1m and is mounted over a canvas frame.

flower canvas 2

I started off by making the base. I had to make it approx 1.5m x 1.5m to allow for the overlap over the edge of the canvas and for shrinkage. 

I added some flowers before the felting process so I had less needle felting to do after. After I had finished wet felting the base I left it to dry. 

flower canvas 3  

Along with the wet felted flowers on the base I added some needle felted flowers. I also felted some other pieces in different colours and cut flower shapes out, added some decoration, then stitched them to the base.

flower canvas 4

I also added some pre felted leaves which I stitched on in different ways. I finished the piece off by stretching it over the canvas, stapling it and adding a length of wire so it can be hung on the wall.

flower canvas 6

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