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  1. This weekend im hoping to get my website up and running, for one of the pages I decided to show a step by step guide to wet felting. I took a lot of pictures of the process then picked out the best ones. The piece I used for the photos turned out really well too. To see the full felting process please go to the 'how to felt' page.


  2. This weekend was 'The Stalls' craft fair. Its new venue at Chino Latino in the Park plaza hotel was very different from the town hall. It was much smaller but felt a lot cozier and tables and crafters seemed to connect a lot more. I met a lot of interesting people, some of which are now on my links page. I was plugging the Artists network quite a bit and got a lot of interest. The next fair will be on Saturday 12th December so hopefully there will be a lot of christmas shoppers comimg to snap up a locally handmade bargin...

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