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» Listings for February 2010

  1. rainforest  I have started two new pieces that I have been planing for a while. One is a rainforest with lots of brown and green colours and leaves. Ive also added a little frog in the corner.
      summerfield progress this is the other one, its the large house in front of our cottage so i see it quite often. Its really spooky and old but its so interesting a i think it will look go as a wall hanging. Its going to take quite a while to finish as im needle felting each brick seperatly (as you can see on the chimney stack) Ill keep a photo record of my process.
  2. stripe green  stripe pink  stripe red
    I have decided to try some experimental pieces with the new wool I bought a couple of weeks ago. Ive used a very simple pattern but stuck with colour groups. I lay out strips of colour from the bottom and the top, the green and blue piece shows the pattern best. I used raw sheeps woll from New Zealand in the pink piece. Im going to decorate them with embroidery and some needle felting but not quite sure what they'll end up as.