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  1. guardian
    This weekends Pannier Market was quite a success despite the weather being terrible. The market was moved inside for the day as the rain didnt stop. There was a good stream of people and I made quite a few sales. I was promoting the felt workshop quite a bit and a lot of people seemed reallt interested. I was really pleased to see this artical in the paper on friday relating to the last market.
  2. Last nights Artist network meeting at the bowery was to discuss the initial set up of the Headingley Arts trail.
    The date has been agreed for the 13th/14th November and will consist of about 10 houses around Headingley. It is being run by the bowery which is where the trail will begin. Trailers will be given a free tea or coffee and a map of all the different houses. Houses will be decorated with butting or balloons so that they are recognisable.
    Each house will have a max of 5 people in ranging from artists to craft makers who will be exhibiting and selling a wide range of handmade products that will make ideal gifts for Christmas (I know its only May and Christmas seems like a lifetime away but we all know it comes round fast)

    Application forms will be going out in the next couple of months and will have to be submitted by the end of July.
    The trail will be a great way for artists to meet each other and sell some of their products and is a great way to start off the bowery artist network meetings properly.
    If you are an artist or know any artists who may be interested in participating please contact me for further information.
  3. workshop ad
    Agnis Smallwood and myself are setting up a new course of Felting workshops.
    We are running a set of 5 workshops starting June 10 and may make it a weekly event if it becomes popular.
    It will be a great chance to learn a new craft and meet some new people.
    We will be providing all equipment and will have fleece to sell. If you are interesting in coming along you dont need to book, just turn up.
    If you would like any more information on the course please give Agnis or myself a ring or email me.