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  1. I found this blog about my chairs on an old blog page that I have. I thought I would add it to the website as I had so many lovely comments about them at Art in the pen...
    'I have had this old chair since i was at university, its old and tatty and shouldnt really be sat on but i love it and have taken it to every house ive lived in over the past 7 years. It lives in the corner of our bedroom and is just a general dumping area for clothes. I decided to recover it about a year ago and have just finally got round to it.

    my chair

    I really love how its turned out! so much so that Matthew decided that he wanted one for his side of the room. So we went to the biggest charity shop in leeds, which is in Headingly, and found the chair below which was in a eally sorry state. I had to replace the stuffing before i recovered it but I am equally as pleased with this one. I decided to go for a woven effect rather than the patchwork.'
    matthews chair 14th July 2009
  2. how bizaar
    how bizaar market This is my display at the How Bizaar stall at the Kirkgate market in Leeds. I have been in the stall for 6 weeks and I have 6 weeks to go on my contract. The stall is a govenment scheme and is run by Urban Biz. Craft people get the chance to exhibit their goods in at How Bizaar for 3 months rent free and get to network with other craft people, take part in craft fairs that Urban Biz are involved in and get advice on setting up a business. I have sold a few things already and have met some really nice people.
  3. felt workshop (1) 20/08/10
    The felt workshops are still going strong! Here are some pictures from last night workshop which we took to advertise the new workshops we have starting at Fabrication.
    There were 2 new people, 2 people from last week and a regular felter too. The workshops have been a bit quiet during the summer but hopefully will pick up at the beginning of september.
    felt workshop (2) 20/08/10
    Its really nice seeing what people decide to make and if they hav'nt made felt before, seeing them get really enthusiastic about how to decorate their piece and what they are going to do for their next piece.
    felt workshop (3) 20/08/10
  4. artin the pen 1
    This weekend was Art in the pen.
    It was a real success and im so glad that i did it. I met lots of lovely people and sold a lot of my work. It was really great to hear what people think of my work and i had a lot of possitive feedback which made it even more worth while.
    Friday was the set up from 2 - 6 and the launch party started at 7. There was a great atmosphere all night and the time just flew by.
    Saturday and Sundays trading hours were 10 - 4 and I was suprised how many people came along.
    It was a really professional event and im sure it was a great success for everyone involved.