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» Listings for March 2011

  1. Today was the day that the new Plum tree shop opened!

    new pt3

    We spent a while organising display units and stock and im sure things will be moved around a lot more until it looks right.

    new pt4 new pt5

    The new unit is next to the old one but is over 3 times as big. Strangley we have nearly comepletely filled it with the stock we had in the old unit which shows how full it was! We also have a small kitchen and changing room which has already been filled!

    newpt 8

    I spent my afternoon covering a stepped unit in cupcake laminate so stock can be displyed on it, it goes next to the till and we currently have soap on it. The shop is still quite unorganised but im sure by the weekend it will look great. When I next go in I will be painting the back wall of the shop and some built in shelving we need for more stock space.

    new pt1 new pt6

    new pt7