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  1. Over the past few weeks Ive had some really bad fairs! Some have been busy but no one spending and some have been not as well organised as they should be.

    heritage promotions 1

    This was the Heritage promotions fair in the Guild hall in York, I think the theme of the fair was a bit confusing for people walking around, there was a lot of antiques, some handmade crafts and some things that didnt fall into either catagory. 

    temple newsam temple newsam 2

    Temple Newsam was another one I thought would be a great. The weather wasnt great and the Leeds steam rally was only 100 yards away so we got a bit ignored. I had a stall inside but there were outside stalls which seemed much more popular.

    ilkley fair

    Handmade in Ilkley was much better...well organised and even though the weather wasnt great it was quite busy. The range of crafts was great and as all good craft fair should be - everything was handmade!! 

    Ive decided next year to only concentrate on the big fairs..Ive got a Reetsweet fair next weekend that are always busy and always well organised.

  2. Unfortunately The Plum Tree is no more!!! After only 3 short months It closed down over the Easter weekend due to lack of funds and support. Its a real shame as it was a great opportunity for new artist and crafts people and you dont really find a lot of places like that.

    unique arts

    So....Ive had to find another stockist for my products. I met a lovely lady at a fair I was doing in Howarth who owns a shop in Thornton. The shop is in a lovely little cobbled lane just off Thornton road in Thornton. Surrounding it is a vegetarian cafe and a gallery. The shop has lots of lovely crafts by local people. Have a look at their fantastic website for details about the shop and

    unique arts2

  3. Country Lane

    Since I last wrote I have been felting like mad! Art in the Pen is fast approaching and Im adding to my stock pile everyday. Im aiming for at least 40 pictures and Im nearly there! These are a couple of my newest additions. I have also turned these into greetings cards which I am going to sell at future exhibitions.

    Humpty Dumpty