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  1. I'm currently working on a commission piece for someone I work with. He has recently had a new kitchen and wants some new placemats.

    He wants Six 15 inch diameter circle placemats in total - 2 green, 2 orange and 2 Magenta.

    Im making 3 large pieces which will have 2 circles lazer cut out out of them and the edges hemmed with blanket stitch. Ive decided to hand felt them and finish them off in the washing machine to thicken them up a bit.

    table mats green table mats orange table mats pink


    table mats full 1 table mats full 2 table mats full 3

  2. the crown 2

    The weekend was a 2 day event at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate. It was arranged by made-it who's events are always well organised and only allow handmade products which is what I believe craft fairs should all be about.

    As with a lot of craft fairs that I have done recently the foot fall was high but people weren't spending money, it was a shame as there were loads of lovely crafts and some really clever ideas. It was as always a good experience and I met a lot of really nice people and got some handy information from talking to fellow crafters...I even learnt of a potiential new shop for my stock

    I only have a few weeks until Art in the Pen so this month is very hectic as im trying to build my stock up.

    the crown 1