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  1. flower canvas 1

    This is my new picture, It measures approx 1m x 1m and is mounted over a canvas frame.

    flower canvas 2

    I started off by making the base. I had to make it approx 1.5m x 1.5m to allow for the overlap over the edge of the canvas and for shrinkage. 

    I added some flowers before the felting process so I had less needle felting to do after. After I had finished wet felting the base I left it to dry. 

    flower canvas 3  

    Along with the wet felted flowers on the base I added some needle felted flowers. I also felted some other pieces in different colours and cut flower shapes out, added some decoration, then stitched them to the base.

    flower canvas 4

    I also added some pre felted leaves which I stitched on in different ways. I finished the piece off by stretching it over the canvas, stapling it and adding a length of wire so it can be hung on the wall.

    flower canvas 6

  2. Art in the Pen

    aitp sign.1aitp.sign.2aitp.sign.3

    This weekend was the 6th annual Art in the Pen Art Fair at the auction mart in Skipton. I was really looking forward to this and had been planning for it all year.Last year was fantastic and I met loads of nice people and received some lovely compliments.


    This was my Pen.

    It measured approx 2m x 3m, it had metal gates on each side and a grid like panel at the back. It took a bit longer to set up than I thought, I had a lot more stock than last time and Iwanted it to look just right.


    The preview night went really well, a lot of people attended and the atmosphere was great. There was an auction half way through the night of the 12 fibreglass sheep that were decorated by local artists and displayed around Skipton for the last year.




    Unfortunatly my takings wernt as high as last year but It was a really good weekend, I gave out a lot of business cards and met some really nice people - customers and fellow craft people.